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Acoustic Plaster (A1)

Freedom of architectural design and a healthy pleasant acoustic atmosphere.

Scherff Acoustic Plaster

Whether on plasterboards, cement-engaged records or concrete and masonry surfaces. Scherff acoustic plaster can be applied seamlessly in different layer thickness 8,10,12,15.18 and 20 mm according to demanded and desired sound absorption.


Perlite (volcanic glass) on Wikipedia

A long time ago underwater volcanoes released blistering lava. Sea water cooled the lava.
A mineral rock emerged from this process. Discovered 200 years ago, it is now referred to as perlite.
Under short impact of heat, this material expands up to the twenty-fold of its original volume. Through specialized, gentle mixing procedures, the expanded perlite pellets are processed with hydraulic binders into the pure mineral SCHERFF acoustic plaster.
The result is a win-win that meets the rigorous demands of both ecology and environmental compatibility.

Every sector of our world can benefit from this premium product, in terms of healthiness, compatibility and resistance to exposure from fire, water and aggressive materials.

The advantages are obvious …

Despite all innovation of manufacturing processes, what finally counts the last is workmanship.
An acoustic plaster can only be perfect if treated with state-of-the-art technology.
SCHERFF acoustic plasters are purified in special plow path mixers and sprayed on in multiple layers.
This technology with continuous flow of material assures the formation of ideal even structures, fulfilling all architectural requirements and physical properties.
Our decades of experience in this processing technology and implementation guarantees that our licensed partners, instructed with practical experience, realize and achieve our assurance.

Efficient, perfect

Convincing, harmonious

Our almost endless list of references of objects at home and abroad show the naturalness of the distinctive surface structure:
fine textured in detail, smooth and expressive all over the surface.
The harmonious charisma and individual coloring adapts to almost all architectural design guidelines.
It can be combined with other materials in many ways.
With our longtime know-how in material-related construction strategy and accomplishment we support you in your architectural and from the point of view of construction physics, realization of your intentions.

If you are aware of any insufficiencies then please challenge our creativity.

Everything can be done!

Technical Data

Mineral, hydraulic-setting acoustic, consisting of expanded natural stone, mineral allowance and hydraulic binder.
Structure und Color

Spraying structures:

  • microfine < 0,5 mm
  • superfine   0 – 1 mm
  • (on acoustic ceiling framework SCHERFF-Alpha, Rondo/Quadro, OWA only)
  • fine 1 – 3 mm
  • medium 3 – 6 mm

Every structure can be ground, resulting in a flat surface structure with embedded cavities.

Primary color: white
Additional coloring: according to color chart (RAL, NCS)

Dimensions and mass

Ceiling plaster: approx. 8 mm – 20 mm
Wall plaster: approx. 10 mm and 18 mm
Mass per unit area: approx. 3,5 kg / m² / cm

Construction Physics

Construction material category:

as average 0,27 – 0,54
aw 0,35 – 0,60

A1 – noncombustible (DIN 4102)
Wärmeleitfähigkeit: 0,10 W/mK
Light reflectance factor pp: average value approx. 85,0

Assembly Precondition

Provided by customer straight and lugless surface, e.g. fairfaced concrete, leveled in-wall plaster of plaster group P II plasterboards (gypsum plaster board, et. al.)

Surface coating on other surfaces may be possible after consultation and inspection

Processing temperature: at least +10 °C
Final strength: after approx. 28 days

Design and Implementation
Consulting, construction proposals and offering elaboration by our stuff or foreign partners. Implementation through licensed partners.

Sound Absorption Level

Scherff acoustic plaster
Layer thickness 8 – 20 mm
(Sound absorption test according to EN 20354 (DIN 52212))

Layer thickness approx. 8 mm

Layer thickness approx. 10 mm
surface ground

as average (125-4000 Hz) = 0,40
Rated sound absorption coefficient = aw 0,35

Layer thickness approx. 12 mm

as average (125-4000 Hz) = 0,41
Rated sound absorption coefficient = aw 0,40

Layer thickness approx. 18 mm
surface ground

as average (125-4000 Hz) = 0,49
Rated sound absorption coefficient = aw 0,55

Layer thickness approx. 20 mm

as average (125-4000 Hz) = 0,54
Rated sound absorption coefficient = aw 0,60

Other Acoustic Plaster layer thickness possible.
Please contact us.

  1. Equalized wall and ceiling surfaces
  2. SCHERFF acoustic plaster (structured or ground)
  3. Edging strip (special detail)
  4. Gap (1-5mm, depends on thickness)
  5. SCHERFF acoustic plaster (structured or polished)